PG Corporate Service Co., Ltd.

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PG Corporate Service Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Prasert Poothong, Director & CPA Thailand
1560 Latphrao Rd., Wangthonglang,
Bangkok 10310, Thailand.
Phone: +66 2933 9000
Fax: +66 2933 6120
Email: bkk@panwa.co.th
Web: www.CompanyThailand.net

PG Corporate Service Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company under Panwa Group of companies. We assist mainly for corporate and secretarial services. We have been providing various business services since year 2000. Founder and Managing director, Mr. Prasert Poothong is a certified public accountant (C.P.A.) and our team consists of more than 30 staff who graduated from various universities in Thailand and overseas which can communicate fluently in English and Thai languages.
Our services include:-
 Company setting up, to register a company, VAT and Tax ID number for overall Thailand and province.
 Business Licenses, all kind of licensing and permission are needed for some business, we can propose you the scope, cost and timeline
 Corporate Bank account, saving Account with internet banking option even tough without working permit of director.
 Representative Office and Branch office setting up, whole process of setting up foreign business entity in Thailand, we can also keep to maintain the entity until return its licenses when you close the business.
 Local director, some licenses require local director to sign for application or perhaps our Thai director may help you to work as co-director to help when you are outside of Thailand or for some Thai documents that you may need more convenience.
 Virtual address and address for company registration in Thailand
 Tax services, tax planning and consulting, corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax, Personal Income Tax, Special Business Tax, etc.
 Accounting and book keeping services, monthly and yearly accounting entries, financial statement, reporting, etc.
 Auditing, special purpose auditing
 Payroll
 Meeting, declaration and negotiation with Government sector
 Company Secretarial services, to ensure safe custody of company seal, keep and maintain all the statutory books and records of the company, Minutes book, (and etc.) and proper keeping of all necessary returns.

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