A home built specially for a Thai surgeon and his dogs

“They are like family to me. We take care of each other like humans do. Like humans, they have emotions and can express their feelings. That is what makes them very close to humans,” said Dr Norawee.

He loves of all his dogs and speaks fondly of them. For example, Alice, the first dog he brought into his home, holds a special place in his heart with her gentle nature and unwavering loyalty. Then there are cute mischief-makers like Casper and Momo who add lively energy to the household, reminding everyone of the joy and spontaneity that comes with canine companionship.

Hoping to meet the unique needs of his pets, he envisioned a space where they could thrive physically and emotionally. Recognising the importance of exercise and play, especially for larger breeds, the house boasts expansive grounds where they can roam freely.

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