Bangkok Post – Burglars caught with B37m in stolen cash

Chiang Mai duo tossed another B38m worth of valuables in trash, say police

Two men are in custody after breaking into a house in Chiang Mai and stealing cash and assets worth more than 76 million baht, police said on Friday.

The suspects, identified only as Pudit, 39, and Adisak, 45, were arrested on Thursday around noon with some jewellery and 37 million baht in cash.

The burglary took place on the night of April 11 at a luxury house in a gated community in tambon Mae Hia of Muang district. The owners reported 38.7 million baht in cash missing, along with 300 gold-plated Buddha amulets worth 35 million baht and one million baht worth of gold.

Investigation found the suspects spent some of the stolen cash to buy a car.

The suspects admitted having known the homeowner for more than 10 years through their construction and real-estate business. The victim was a contractor while the suspects own a door latch company.

They claimed they had a conflict with the homeowner over late payment for their services over the past two years. They took their revenge by breaking the door locks to enter the victim’s house while he was away.

According to a police report, the culprits kept only the cash while the gold and amulets were put in a garbage bag and thrown away in a pile of trash on the roadside.

Police are checking CCTV cameras and investigating further to try and retrieve the assets and return them to the victims.

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