Commentary: Nusantara can unlock Indonesia’s maritime potential


Both Prabowo and Gibran have voiced their support for continuing the new capital city project. Gibran has expressed his commitment to driving Indonesia’s economic transformation by advancing state-of-the-art technology to reinforce the nation’s micro, small and medium enterprises. The duo has pledged to turn Nusantara into a “super-hub” to tap into the digital ecosystem for Indonesia’s economic progress.

This rhetoric is very similar to that of President Jokowi, whose legacy lies in Indonesia’s economic and infrastructure development to connect the archipelago. But Prabowo will likely brandish his mark on Nusantara by driving progress on the surrounding region to prop up the capital city’s economy.

There has already been progress with the development in Balikpapan which would serve as Nusantara’s main commercial driver given its proximity to the new capital, as well as the Makassar New Port project, slated to be the biggest commercial port in eastern Indonesia.

The establishment of Nusantara is not only an attempt to shift the administrative capital from Java to Kalimantan. A developed Nusantara region will boost the commercial traffic that runs through the second archipelagic sea lane, increasing economic interest in eastern Indonesia and providing an alternative route that connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Should the new president successfully seize this opportunity, a global maritime hub could emerge right in the middle of the Indo-Pacific.

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