Danny Murphy challenges Simon Jordan over controversial Mohamed Salah opinion but some Liverpool fans agree

Danny Murphy challenged Simon Jordan’s opinion that Mohamed Salah is overrated and not a world-class footballer.

Jordan ruffled a few feathers this week when he labelled Salah a diver and claimed the Liverpool forward isn’t as good as people make him out to be.

Jordan told talkSPORT on Tuesday: “I know this will sound ridiculous to people and will make me incredibly unpopular by saying it, obviously he’s scored lots of goals, but when the going gets tough some people stand up and fight and some people don’t.

“I get this feeling that Salah can be one of those. It’s an opinion.”

Former Liverpool midfielder Murphy joined White and Jordan on Wednesday and addressed the former Crystal Palace owner’s take on the Egyptian.

“Simon is entitled to his opinion,” Murphy said. “Where I would differ a little bit is when Simon talks about when the going gets tough.

“One thing about Mo Salah, yes he hasn’t hit the heights this season of previous seasons, yes, he’s still got 24 goals but he hasn’t played as well.

“Going gets tough is an interpretation that he doesn’t turn up in certain games. Over the years for Liverpool, he is the one that has turned up. In so many big games, he’s been the one that’s got Liverpool out of trouble.

“It doesn’t matter whether things are going Salah’s way or not, he’s always out there.

“That’s not a player who hides away from responsibility and doesn’t turn up. That for me says a lot about his mentality.”

“The best compliment I can give him is that I got asked to do an all-time Liverpool XI and he was in it.”

When asked if Salah would also get in Manchester City’s XI, Murphy said without hesitation: “Yes.”

Simon Jordan thinks Mo Salah is overrated and predicts he will leave Liverpool this summer

His response prompted Jordan to double down on his claim whilst claiming the ex-Reds star wasn’t grasping his reason for the comments on Salah.

“I don’t think that’s quite the point I was making,” Jordan added. “I think it reverberates from a conversation I had with [Graeme] Souness in a particular game at [Manchester] United when [Lisandro] Martinez put it on him and Salah didn’t want any more of it.

“My narrative comes from an overview of a player being at world class level. It’s ridiculous to argue that he’s not a very good player – I’ve never said that.

“I think he’s been very fortunate to be in a team that is set up to facilitate outcomes for him. He’s a very good player but I push back against the notion that he’s a world-class player. It’s my opinion and I’m allowed to have it.”

Liverpool fans flocked to the phone lines in their droves to have their say on the Egyptian which saw some surprisingly side with Jordan on the debate.

Reds fan John said: “I’m with Simon on this. I think he’s missing something especially since Bobby Firmino left who created a lot of chances for him. If you watch Liverpool game-in, game-out there are times when you do get frustrated where he does choose to shoot rather than the easier option to square to Gakpo or somebody else.

Match-going fan Frank added: “I’m totally with Simon. I’m a season-ticket holder and go to the majority of away games and you cannot knock Salah’s numbers. He does the hardest thing in the game – scores goals. 

“But his overall contribution… the ball gets played up to him and sometimes it’s like a trampoline, he gives it [ball] away terribly.

“The game that sticks out for me that sums him up over the last 18 months is Everton at home this season.

“Sean Dyche set his team up to be hard to break down and everytime the ball came into Salah he was giving it away and trying to pass through defenders.

“But if anybody remembers the result it was 2-0 to Liverpool and Salah scored the two goals – a penalty and a tap in. If Salah isn’t scoring or assisting, he’s doing little else.”

Liverpool fan Mark admitted that whilst Salah performances have declined recently, there’s no way the club should be cashing in on him this summer despite having just one year remaining on his existing deal.

He said: “There’s definitely been a change in his performances since AFCON without a doubt. I don’t think you can ignore the impact he’s had. I do worry sometimes we’re judging him on the last two months when he’s been an absolute legend for the club for the last few years.

“Over time he will score more than he misses. Don’t let him go, not right now.”

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