Inside the world of dupes: From clothes to electronics, can cheaper also be better?

But does the I-want-it-now consumer mentality mean dupes are generally of poorer quality? How good a bargain are dupes, really?

To get some answers, Talking Point puts some products to the test. It also delves into dupe culture in a two-part special and goes to China — where many dupes originate — for an inside look at the industry.


In China, if an item is popular, there will almost definitely be a cheaper alternative, from sports shoes to Bluetooth headsets. But by far the most popular dupe category is clothing, Talking Point found.

Take, for example, activewear, which Qingdao M&Y Trading produces. Its best-selling items are its range of leggings, which are dupes of “big brands”, said owner Li Xue Mei.

There are, of course, differences between its dupes and the originals. “We made the pockets larger. And for some big brands, the waistband is shorter, but … we (Chinese) prefer it higher to give you a more defined waist,” she said.

“We also have over 30 colours for each of our styles. The colours are all very bright. We also made improvements to the fit based on the weight and size of Asians.”

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