Russian baby tiger fights for life after frostbite and surgery

“External examination showed that she was severely exhausted as a result of which the tip of her tail was frostbitten,” the centre said, adding that the cub’s lower jaw also became necrotic after an injury.

The tiger, who weighed just around 20 kg, roughly half the norm, when she was found, underwent an intense rehabilitation course and gained about 10 kilogrammes in preparation for surgery. The dead tip of her tail was also cut off.

Late last week the cub underwent a 2.5 hour operation, with doctors transplanting healthy tissue to repair her jaw.

The surgery was successful but it is too early to make any predictions and say if it will be possible to release the cub back into the wild, said Amur Tiger Centre.

“The most important thing right now is to halt the tissue necrosis and save the tiger’s life,” said Sergei Aramilev, the centre’s head. “People are doing their best.”

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