Taiwan’s Hualien hit by 5.5-magnitude quake

TAIPEI: A 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan’s eastern county of Hualien on Monday (Apr 22), the island’s weather administration said, with no immediate reports of damage.

The quake, which had a depth of 10km, also shook buildings in the capital Taipei. 

Hualien was the epicentre of a magnitude 7.4 quake that hit on Apr 3, causing landslides around the mountainous region that blocked off roads, while buildings in the main Hualien city were badly damaged.

At least 17 people were killed in the quake, with the latest body discovered on Apr 13 in a quarry.

A Singaporean couple are the only people still unaccounted for, as aftershocks have forced search teams to stop work. 

Sim Hwee Kok and Neo Siew Choo are believed to have gone missing along the Shakadang Trail, according to Taiwan’s National Fire Agency. 

They were last seen alighting from a shuttle bus at the trail at about 7.20am on Apr 3, about 40 minutes before the quake struck. 

In a Facebook group named Hualien Earthquake Relief Information, another appeal was made on Sunday for more information about the couple’s whereabouts.

The group’s administrator Sunny Sandro Wang posted a message from Mr Sim’s sister, saying: “It has been 19 days and despite the rescue team’s efforts, they have not been found. Our elderly parents and we are inconsolable.

“We appeal to everyone who was on the trail that day or knows someone who was to contact the family through this Facebook group.”

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